I'm the DJ.

let's dance!

Professional Disc Jockey (Dj) Services ~ based in Belmont, ma


Vibeology IA


Boston MA 02478 USA
+1.781.248.5660 * deja@djdeja.com * Twitter.com/@DJDeja

My creative mission is to help you create the perfect, custom-tailored soundtrack for your wedding, special event, or party. Music is such an evocative and powerful language; played just so can bring together so many people for one unforgettable time well spent. 


MFA First Fridays - 2015


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

held every 1st Friday of each month inside the Shapiro Courtyard. 6p-9.30p; 21+ 

Buy tix here: www.mfa.org

Check back here for more autumn events as they are booked!

#BFW15!  Check back here for fashion show soundtracks & runway photos.